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Harley WR High Performance Valve Springs. Fits 45 WLA-WLC-K-KH-KHK Models 45" Flathead Performance Valve Springs

Harley WR High Performance Valve Springs. Fits 45 WLA-WLC-K-KH-KHK Models

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$ 80.00

45" Flathead Performance Valve Springs

Product Detail:

These American made performance valve springs will help the old Flathead. This valve spring has very precise control and totally eliminates valve float on all models.  This valve spring uses stock collars and fits in standard covers.
 Free Length-2.350
 Coil Bind-1.500 - 260lbs.
 Total Travel-.850.
 Install Height-1.950-120lbs-Seat Pressure.
 Pressure travel-440-260lbs-Full Open Pressure.
 (WR=Bolt In) With WR Valve Guides.
 If using WLA Guides: Need the .360 spacer.
 Stock 45 WLA Spring- 2.700.  To use these in WLA-WLC -Need to add.360 spacer. (Set of 4 spacers $20.00)
 These are a direct bolt in for K Model and are 50% improvement over stock
 On K models .52-.53- Need .360 spacer (Set of 4 $20.00)
 On K models .54-.56 Bolt in.
 We only supply a hardened spacer of .360 thou that can be ground to make smaller or shims and washers added to make larger if necssary.   Different cam profiles wil need custom spacers to accept different lifts.

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Bonneville Pictures 2014